The Schedule below lists lectures and workshops offered by Alex Stark. Some of these are for advanced students only. Please make sure that you call to determine if you qualify for a particular workshop or series.

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August 22-27, 2017

Land Clearing, Earth Healing, and Dowsing Certification
International Feng Shui School, Wexford, Ireland

Feng Shui, Shamanism, and Earth Knowledge

This 5-day seminar will focus on advanced techniques for reading, clearing, and healing the land. Based on shamanic and feng shui techniques, the program will combine classroom instruction with excursions into the sacred landscape of eastern Ireland that will include Glendalough, Rath, and the Rock of Dunamase. Participants can expect to complete a full course of instruction on how to converse with the land and its spirits, techniques for remediation of the most common earth trauma, as well as rituals and ceremonies for blessing and consecrating the land.