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Altar Construction

By Alex Stark. Copyright and all rights reserved.


1. An altar is a representation of the Cosmos. It therefore needs to include the four elements that comprise our world. They are Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The cosmic elements can be represented by the following items:

— Earth: a rock, a crystal, or any stone object

— Water: a shell, a goblet with water, a water fountain, fish, wine

— Fire: a candle, a feather, any image of a wild animal, esp the eagle

— Air: incense, candles or any moving object such as a chime or mobile

2. The altar is set out on a special area: a table top, a shelf, or by isolating it on a tray, a piece of fabric, or a tile.

3. Altars must be used. If you do not use it it is best to put it away. It is OK to leave it unattended for a few days.

4. Altars can be used to help in any problem area. If is a prosperity altar, for example, you can add symbols of wealth such as coins, precious stones, or cash.


Process at an altar should follow the following steps:

1. Opening
Light the candle, the incense and take a deep breath. Work at slowing down your breathing. Use any meditations you may know to connect to higher power. Say a prayer.

2. Thanking
Because the main mechanism to achieve goals involves gratitude, it is important to use the altar to give thanks. One good way to do this is to place any in-coming goods, gifts or money in the altar overnight so that the spirit world can take the essence of the item for itself. You can then use the gross value for yourself, your family, etc.Think of ways in which to give thanks. Some people like to place offering on the altar. These can include foods such as fruit and drinks such as wine. Think of the obvious and the not so obvious.

3. Asking
The best way to ask for something is to thank in advance for the gifts you are seeking, such as health, prosperity or happiness. Keep it simple. If you have a specific request be specific. Vague requests get vague answers. And remember, you cannot think one thing and produce another, so be aware of your thought patterns: if you think you are not prosperous, happy, etc., that is what you will become.

4. Closing
To close your altar blow out the candles and clean up if necessary. Make a vow to improve yourself in any way possible. You can also dedicate your day to the highest good or to any purpose you may think of that day.

It is important to be diligent with an altar. Try to use it often as the benefits to be derived from this practice increase over time and with practice. Have a good time!