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Clearing Objects

By Alex Stark. Copyright and all rights reserved.

Here are some reminders of the basic technique for clearing energy on any ordinary object. This will work on furniture, decorations and artwork. For more complex materials such as gems, precious stones, or jewelry, it is necessary to use a different technique. See below.


  • Bring the object to be cleared to a clean, open space. This can be outdoors, but indoors is fine too. Open a window.

  • Visualize the object to be cleared as being porous, almost transparent. (Negative energy clings to the pores or filaments in the energy fabric of an object.)

  • With a burning smudge stick or with a quality incense, blow smoke over the entire object on all sides. Imagine that the smoke is penetrating the object and filling in all of the pores, dislodging bad energy. Let the air carry the smoke and the negative energy out the open window.

  • Make loud clapping sounds. Clapping with the hands is fine, although you can also use rattles, clappers or even fire crackers. The idea is to make very loud sounds. Imagine that all leftover negativity is being scared or pushed into leaving the object.

  • Ring a bell all around the object until the sound of the bells seem to be even and steady. Often it is possible to hear a marked change in the quality of the sound as the object absorbs the vital energy released by the bells.

  • Keep your clearing tools in a clean dry place, away from traffic and bustle.


  • Bury the object in a bowl full of pure sea salt. If you have access to the Earth, you can bury it in dirt, sand or peat.

  • Leave buried for at least 24 hours. If the object is depleted or its origin is questionable, you can leave it for longer. For serious cleansing one full moon cycle is ideal.

  • Recharge the object by exposing it to direct sunlight or moonlight. Again, the period depends on the nature of the object and its intended use.

  • Power objects need to be kept safe from opportunistic forces. Keep then in your main altar, covered, or out of sight. The more powerful the object the more it needs privacy. Unused object are better stored away.

  • For a quick recharge, spray with lavender, blow through it with intention, or, if you are more advanced in your practice, use your third eye or your hara.

  • If you have access to a power place or a power altar, place the object in the appropriate direction and invoke the power of the source you are working with.