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Daily Spiritual Practice

By Alex Stark. Copyright and all rights reserved.

In order to activate your personal energy body and increase your capacity to hold energy, it is important to maintain a daily practice. This practice can be done in conjunction with any other physical, spiritual or energetic practices you are currently doing. With a little creativity you can combine some of these practices with your own and create hybrids.


In order to begin your practice it is essential to cleanse the aura of impurities. This can be done in a variety of ways:

1. Bring problems or concerns which are currently affecting you to mind. Then, as you inhale deeply, capture them in the breath as you hold the inhalation. Then forcefully blow down into the Earth, ridding yourself of these impurities. The energy you release is a valuable sacrifice to the forces of the lower world and will also work to enhance your relationship with the darker forces (i.e. keep them at bay).

2. Capture energetic debris from aura by opening your navel center and pulling the negativity downwards into the earth through your first chakra. Although this is usually enough to cleanse your aura, you can also split this stream in two. One stream of energy can moves down toward the earth, the other steam of energy can move up to the Upper World.

3. It is also possible to purify your aura by bathing (especially in a sacred river, lake or spring), by smudging yourself with sage or incense, or by using florida water (lavender suspended in alcohol).


Take deep breaths with retention. Inhale to the count of ten, hold to the count of ten and release to the count of ten. With practice you can hold each stage for up to 20 seconds, making one full breath every minute. This increases your stamina and allows vital force to be split from the air that carries it and be stored in your spleen and gallbladder. Work up to 5 full minutes.


Invocations allows for energies to come to your assistance which are much larger then yourself. This is not only smart because it brings much greater potential to your practice, but it also protects you and safeguards you from unforeseen difficulties.

1. While sitting at your altar or spiritual place, call in the directions by intoning them one at a time. This can be done out loud or silently.

2. Then, call in Mountain Spirits verbally or with a shell horn.

3. Then, call in Rivers, Springs, Lakes, and Wells.

4. Then, call in Nature Spirits, Trees, and all the denizens of Nature.

5. Then, call in your teachers, your ancestors, and other guides. You can use drums, whistles or rattles

6. Then, call in any other spirits that you are familiar with or who are needed on that particular occasion.


1. With open palms facing the Heavens, receive Cosmic Energy through the crown, brow, neck and palms, allowing it to move downwards through your body and into the Earth through the soles of your feet. Visualize this energy as a shaft of light that is compassionate, all-knowling and full of power.

2. Receive energy from the Earth and allow this to mix within your energy body to activate and energize your field.

3. Direct this energy to the center of your altar with the palm of your right hand. Run energy as long as necessary.

4. Direct this energy to any other location that is in need of help. This can be a person, a place or even an event in time.

5. When the flow of this energy begins to recede, you can then gently disconnect and shake your hands. Cleansing yourself with lavender or incense is a good idea.


Thank for the gift received by bringing your left hand over the heart, right hand over left, inhaling, retaining and then blowing your gratitude forth to the Heavens.


It is important to show some form of appreciation and gratitude to the spiritual forces which you are invoking and working with. The simplest way to do this, in addition to feeling gratitude in your heart, is to ritually “feed” them. You can do this as follows:

1. Offer animal products (butter, gee, fat, meat) to the Watchers or Nature Guardians.

2. Offer vegetable products (corn, tobacco, cereals) to the Spirits of all plant forms.

3. Offer mineral products (crystals, rocks, ashes, dirt ) to the Tree Spirits.

4. Offer petals to the Spirit of the Waters.

5. Offer man-made products to the Ancestors.

6. Offer cornmeal and grains to the earth mother.

7. Offer smoke to the sky.

8. If other spirits have assisted offer them something as well.


Close your altar by intoning the directions one time each.