Shamanism, Feng Shui and Sacred Landscapes

Broadcast on “Tributaries Radio”, Boulder CO
March, 2010

How do Feng Shui, Geomancy, and Shamanism relate to each other? In this extended radio interview, Alex Stark explores the relationship of landscapes and the cultures that have interpreted them. With references to Celtic Geomancy, Chinese Feng Shui, Indian Vastu, and Andean and Native American shamanism, Alex attempts to synthesize the common factors that these cultures have discovered and exploited in their respective terrains.

      Shamanism - Part 1 - Tributaries Radio

Working with the Hidden Energies of Space

Broadcast on “Why Shamanism Now”, The Co-Creator Network
February, 2013

What steps must you take to live in harmony with nature, culture, and community? What overlooked assumptions about space and energy keep us from engaging in the awakening energy of our time? Alex Stark offers practical, effective, and do-able steps from his practice of feng shui and geomancy to help you move from wherever you are into a life of sustainable choices and right relationship with the world around you. Join Alex and host, Christina Pratt, as they explore practices to heal land that has been traumatized or neglected; rituals for groundbreaking, clearing, and dedication; and ceremonies to bless, consecrate, or bring prosperity, healing, and good luck.

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      Why Shamanism Now - Part 2 - The Co-Creator Network

Alex Stark on Geomancy and Feng Shui in Creativity and Design

Journal of Holistic Psychology
Volume II, October 2013

Co-founding Editor Lauren Gonzalez spoke at length with renowned Geomancy and Feng Shui practitioner Alex Stark. The following interview expores not only how we respond to environments, but how our environments respond to us, shaping every aspect of our lives. Stark speaks about design and architecture in terms of the conscious practical, emphasizing the importance of communing with nature; of utilizing flow, not force; and tending to creativity, not commercialism.

      Part 1 - The Journal of Holistic Psychology
      Part 2 - The Journal of Holistic Psychology