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Recommended Movies

What the Bleep Do We Know
Directed by Mark Vicente
An uneven examination of science and spirituality and how they intersect.

Mind Walk
Directed by Vernt Capra, Written by Fritjof Capra, based on Fritjof Capra’s Tao of Physics
A conversation on the nature of ecology, science and responsibility, with Liv Ullman, Sam Waterston, and John Heard

My Dinner with Andre
Directed by Louis Malle
A conversation about theatre, reality, and the role of nature and the spirits in performance, with Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn

To Be and To Have
Written and directed by Nicholas Philivert
A documentary on the importance of education and the role of a teacher in a French grammar school.

Directed by Daniel Petrie
The story of a faith healer and her conversion after a near death experience.

Whale Rider
Directed by Niki Caro
A (lightweight) story of a young woman’s ascent to power in Maori society

Atanarjuat–The Fast Runner
Directed by Zacharias Kunuk
A story of genealogy and power in an Innuit clan

Latcho Drom
Directed by Tony Gatlif
A documentary that follows the diaspora of the Gypsies (Romani) across Africa, Europe, and Asia

The Matrix Part 1
Directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski
A brilliant interpretation of the shamanistic notion of parallel realities. Avoid the sequels, they don’t convey any of the intelligence of Part 1