Innovation in the Design of the ICU

New trends that incorporate patient and family-centered design

As a feng shui consultant specializing in the health care field, I am often asked to bring a more nature-conscious and patient-centered perspective into the design process. In fact, the very inclusion of my discipline attests to the current effort to widen the scope of discussion in the planning of new facilities. Often the planning team will include, in addition to the traditional medical, nursing, management, and technology staff, community advocates, patients, their families, and non-medical personnel (religious, clerical, custodial, etc). Interdisciplinary focus groups, community outreach, role playing, and mock design sessions are part of the new designer’s approach.

The Temple is the Body

Sacred Architecture as a Reflection of the Human Body

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Bartering with the Gods

The Despacho Ceremony

Among the Quechua Indians of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, the Despacho Ceremony is the centerpiece of a complex spiritual and ritual heritage. Depacho ceremonies are performed to promote health, well-being, and prosperity, or when calamity or misfortune befalls the client. Despachos are also used to thank for special events, to celebrate good luck, or to help the soul of a deceased person journey into the beyond. Despachos are performed to promote fertility in the fields and herds, to cure illness, or to undo harm or witchcraft. On very special events, depachos are also performed when larger cultural or ecological events threaten the entire community.

The Sacredness of Place

A Sacred Place is no longer a Place; it has become a Living Being

For those of us who live in urban areas, it is a delight to be able to travel to the pristine areas of the world still in existence. Often we return from these forays into the wild with bits and pieces of shells, rocks or wood, which we then cherish by honoring them in special places in our homes or offices. It is as if the power of that place could be captured and stored for use later on.This, in fact, is exactly what is happening, and we, as instinctive creatures, are using our powers of intuition, identification, and intention to capture the sacredness of the land.