2011-2020 Feng Shui Almanac

Optimal dates for Ground Breaking, Contract Signing, Blessing and Grand Opening events

Feng Shui is the art of creating harmony, health and fortune in everyday life. Its goal is to make life easier and more conducive to the achievement of personal, communal, or institutional potential. In addition to physical placement, Feng Shui is also concerned with the influence exerted by the timing of events on performance and good fortune. This feng shui almanac is an aide to building professionals and anyone interested in building schedules. It provides ideal dates for contract negotiation, purchase and lease agreements, ground breaking ceremonies, space clearings, blessings, and grand openings. It also includes dates which are not auspicious and which should be avoided.

Walking with the Dragon

The Impact of Topography on Human Destiny

This book is told from the perspective of a geomancer. It sheds light on how land and its forms can impact on human activity, enhancing or detracting from its potential to support health, wealth, and success. It combines hard geological fact with Chinese feng shui, Indian Vastu, Native American cosmology and European geomancy. However, unlike so much written these days, it does not attempt to justify ancient wisdom through analytical or scientific explanations, allusions, or analogies. Instead, it taps into the reader’s capacity to sense and understand energy as manifest in the incredibly complex matrix of our landscapes.

Buildings That Heal

The Use of Energetic Criteria in the Design of Healing Environments

A revolution in health care is quickly taking hold. This new paradigm relies upon traditional allopathic methods in conjunction with complementary modalities such as stress reduction, improved nutrition, and many forms of mind-body medicine. Simultaneously, expertise in traditional building practices such as feng shui and geomancy has also experienced increasing demand. Developed as ways with which to maximize human and natural potential, these techniques have direct application to health and healing. This book summarizes the energetic criteria used by feng shui experts in the planning and design of health care facilities.