Office spaces are one of the main applications of feng shui practice, and it is in this context that some of our best work can be accomplished. Our methods can contribute to the fame and recognition of the enterprise, its financial and monetary prowess, and its competitiveness and influence. They can also create synergies between business, community, and the environment.

In order to do this, we look at the configuration of streets and roads leading to the site, the disposition and orientation of the structure, and the flow of vital energy that nourishes the various activities contained therein. By promoting proper flow and alignment, opportunities are encouraged, potential is maximized, and prosperity is enhanced. In addition, we have specialized techniques for promoting new business, enhancing client satisfaction, and increasing staff efficiency.

In situations where business success is compromised, our services can provide cures for diminishing financial returns, institutional vulnerability, compromised communication, client dissatisfaction, excessive staff turnover, and failing productivity. Specialized techniques can also be used to address situations in which key individuals may be facing competition, vulnerability, or stress. Individual spaces can be tailored to help its user maximize personal and institutional potential.

Our techniques have been helpful in creating success and recognition for client such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Hyatt Hotels, Conde Nast Publishing, Whole Foods Markets, Prudential Douglas Elliman, NBC, and many others.


These are some of the areas in which feng shui and geomancy can be of use to your business:

Improving the Bottom Line:

  • Enhancement of your prosperity
  • Cures for blockages and imbalances to energy flow
  • Cures for “stuck” energy and stagnation
  • Optimal placement for functions, furniture and personnel

    Increasing Personal or Institutional Potential:

  • Analysis and enhancement of your power base
  • Augmenting your fame and recognition
  • Making the most of your connections and networks
  • Improving your relationships with investors, mentors and clients
  • Enhancing your ability to detect trends
  • Improve your strength at reinvention, competitiveness, and leadership

    Influencing Markets:

  • Attracting the markets you need
  • Cures for poor marketing or communications
  • Ways to attract specific clients, suppliers or advisors

    Quality, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction:

  • Analysis of staff and client potential
  • Cures and enhancements to efficiency and productivity
  • Optimization of office and production layout
  • Optimal placement of functions and duties
  • Creation of wholesome, balanced working environments
  • Coordination of design: color, materials and energy flow


    Feng shui and geomancy encompass many techniques used to evaluate the political and economical potential of a site and structure. When used with a high level of sophistication, these techniques and methods can help to enhance the power, reach, and influence of major institutions at the regional, national or international levels. Geomancy in particular is an effective tool that can help to make institutions, NGOs and governmental organizations into more effective, influential and responsible bodies.

    To achieve this requires an understanding of the impacts of land form, orientation, and location on the performance of a structure. These, in turn, can shed light on the site’s potential to generate prosperity, success, and influence. They include assessments of land and water patterns, road and traffic influences, and the flow of vital energy throughout the site and its buildings. The latter include evaluations of earth forces, geomagnetic influences, and geopathic stresses (underground energies that are harmful to humans). In addition, other techniques can evaluate the relative potential of the site at specific moments in time. Using these techniques, for example, it is possible to determine the likelihood of success or failure for issues concerning wealth, political influence, or intellectual reach within a site or portion of a site at different points in time.

    In addition, special feng shui techniques can be used to evaluate the relative potential of different sectors within a site for specific functions, activities, organizations, or individuals. These can then be correlated with analyses of the patterns of energy flow in the land and buildings in order to determine the most effective configuration for all components of a site.

    For more information, please refer to “Guidelines for Office and Commercial Environments” in the Resources section.