Our services include techniques and guidelines that can promote success and well-being through the design and construction of residential environments. These techniques have been successful in conceiving environments that enhance family life, health, marriage, and the education and future of children. When used in conjunction with improvements to the family’s business or home office, these guidelines can also help to promote career, finance, fame, and business success.

We have also collaborated on a number of large-scale residential development projects, both in high-rise buildings as well as in subdivisions and new neighborhoods. In such projects, our services contributed feng shui and geomancy assessments to site planning, architectural design, interior layout, materials specifications, as well as building rituals and ceremonies.

In addition to these contributions to the architectural program, we have also provided specialized techniques for the analysis and development of interior form and its corresponding conceptual, material, and symbolic content. This can be achieved through the analysis of textures, shapes, and colors, both in the physical form of the space as well as its decor and furnishings. Hence, there is a synergetic relationship between the outer envelope of the structure and its internal qualities, materials, and colors.

In addition, we often are called to correct deficiencies caused by improper architectural configurations in previous building campaigns. For existing construction this is a very important tool that allows the client to correct for problems that would be otherwise too expensive to address.


A home and its environs reflect both the internal and the external aspects of a person’s life. A home is a holistic representation of its users’ life in which every individual part mirrors the entirety of their life situation. The surrounding topography and landscape, for example, play a fundamental role in determining the level of success, renown, wealth, and longevity an individual or family will be able to harness in that location.

Closer to home, the shape of the structure and the internal layout of rooms and spaces are often reflective of personal issues in its occupant’s life. Career, prosperity, health, family dynamics, spirituality, or public recognition are all reflected in the layout and footprint of the space. In addition, their more internal or subconscious aspects are also reflected in the darker spaces of the home such as the basement, attic, or closets. Other qualities of the home environment also play a role in determining and influencing daily living. The degree of clarity or enlightenment that a person or family have achieved, for example, is reflected in the quality of light and the brilliance of feeling in the home. Sadness, depression, or trauma can often be seen in tortured layouts, dark corridors, congested closets, or excessive clutter.

A feng shui analysis of a home consists in a two-fold search for positive factors that can support and enhance the occupants’ prosperity, career, health, and personal potential, while simultaneously seeking to identify any negative factors that may be impinging on their success. The objective of this analysis is to activate and enhance the positive aspects of the home while also seeking to eliminate or, at the very least, neutralize the negative ones.

This goal is achieved by using a whole battery of techniques that include analyses of the surrounding landscape, evaluations of the structure’s architectural form, orientation in space, interior layout, décor, and, most importantly, the flow of vital energy within the home. In addition, horoscopes systems of many types are also used to evaluate the client’s potential and to correlate it to the potential inherent in the land, the structure, and its orientation. Careful consideration is also given to the cycles of time and the seasons and to their impact on good fortune, health and longevity. This is true not only for the individuals involved but for the structure as well, as each individual building has its own array of potential and possibility over any given time frame.


The result of the feng shui process is a strategy that is designed to create transformation, improvement, or resolution in the client’s life. The client’s personal goals and aspirations are therefore an integral part of this endeavor; no home can be analyzed independently of its occupants’ potential and level of cultivation and achievement. All aspects of that person or family’s life are considered; feng shui postulates that all aspects, events and potential in human life are related and connected to all others. Improvements in one area are bound to have a positive impact in others. It is this holistic outlook on human growth and maturation that allows feng shui to create changes and improvements in areas of life that are resistant to other disciplines.

Once the strategy is arrived at, it is up to the client to implement the adjustments and recommendations prescribed. By assuming personal responsibility for this process, the client is empowered in his or her own path of maturity and growth. This is done over time, with the continuous assistance and support of the feng shui consultant and other contractors or assistants as needed. If one area of the strategy were to prove resistant, additional techniques or adjustments can be recommended; fine-tuning the original strategies and approaches is an integral part of the work and often requires additional visits or consultation.


Feng Shui is a holographic practice. This means that its principles, techniques and application have equal effectiveness in projects large or small. Nevertheless, there are distinctions between single family structures and multi-family housing. In the former, personalized criteria allow the feng shui practitioner to zero in on specific issues, challenges and goals of that individual occupant of family. With careful consideration of every space, and with attention to detail, it is possible to enhance prospects for success in terms of career, relationships, health, reputation, and so forth.

Multi-family housing, on the other hand, take into consideration the success of the development project as a whole, particularly in terms of the financial and social success of the enterprise. However, it must also ensure that individual occupants of families also enjoy the same level of success as those in single family dwellings as described above. Hence, it is important to analyze all types of spaces, be they lobbies, corridors or apartment units in order to maximize opportunity and to neutralize any potential vulnerabilities.


Although it is always best to undertake feng shui consultation before buying or building a home, it is still possible to make adjustments or corrections to existing situations, even in those situations where construction or remodeling is impossible. Feng shui has at its disposal a wide assortment of remedies for situations that will accept limited physical change. Known collectively as transcendental cures, these techniques are an important complement to established feng shui practice.

Because the energy in the cosmos changes over time, it is also important to revisit the feng shui of a home at least once a year and more often in cases where there is illness, difficulty, conflict, or during periods of rapid transition. Working with feng shui over time provides a very valuable tool in the creation of lasting change in a person’s or family’s life.