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The Yu Wei Blessing

By Alex Stark. Copyright and all rights reserved.

This ritual belongs to the Black Sect Tantric school of feng shui. Please honor the tradition of the red envelope when sharing this information. If you intend to use this ritual, please make sure to give your feng shui consultant a red envelope and some money in order to safeguard the tradition.

In Feng Shui “Yu Wai” is considered a high blessing. As a blessing this ritual encourages new growth, harmony, development, and prosperity, and is an appropriate ceremony for moving into a new home or office, before any construction, or as a general blessing of the land. It can also be used during times of misfortune, or performed as a cure for predecessor problems, such as bankruptcy, illness, death or divorce.

As an adjustment, it corrects the effects of an out-of-balance site. It can offer protection during times of vulnerability from unforeseen forces. It will provide protection and grounding for the present and the future changes of the project or community. This is ritual is considered a major adjustment in Feng Shui and needs to be performed by an experienced consultant.


1. A packet of cinnabar powder (.9 grams)
Cinnabar represents the power of the Earth and is associated with fertility and prosperity

2. A fresh, unopened bottle of high-proof liquor
Liquor represents the power of Heaven and is associated with authority, leadership, and creativity

3. Uncooked rice (enough to encircle the property or building)
RIce represents abundance and is associated with community, relationships, and family

4. A dropper to measure liquor


1. Place rice in a bowl.

2. Visualize five benefactors or deities surrounding and assisting you in the process. A very effective way to do this is to ground yourself and invoke the power of Heaven, Earth, and the 4 Cardinal Directions.

3. Add 99 drops of liquor to the cinnabar powder.

4. Mix with middle finger (for strongest effect, woman use left hand, men right hand).

5. Add the mixture to the rice, and blend, visualizing your energy moving from your hand into the mixture.

6. Bless the mixture by reciting the Calming Heart Mantra nine times. Gate gate, para gate, para sam gate, Bodhi Swaha.

7. Scatter the rice mixture around the property. Start at the mouth of chi (entry of property or front door), spread the rice around the perimeter of the building, property, or around the inside walls of the house in the following manner:

8. Walk the perimeter, and at each stop throw three handfuls of rice into the air, palm up, visualizing feeding the spirits or hungry ghosts. Imagine them eating until they are full, ask the spirits who can serve as guardians and protectors of the land to stay, while visualizing all others leaving, content and happy. At the same spot, throw three handfuls of rice to the ground, palm down, visualizing you are planting seeds for new growth.

9. Continue around the perimeter reciting mantras and visualizing the results desired.

10. When you return to the beginning, you can, if desired, throw three handfuls of rice to the sky and ask for blessings for this property.


1. Walk the perimeter throwing handfuls of rice into the air, visualizing feeding the hungry ghosts.

2. The walk the perimeter throwing handfuls of rice to the ground, visualizing planting seeds of growth.

3. When you return to the beginning, you can, if desired, throw three handfuls of rice to the sky and ask for blessings for this property.

4. Reinforce with mantras and visualizations.


1. You may move around the perimeter either clockwise or counter clockwise. Clockwise augments things, counterclockwise diminishes them.

2. If your chi is very strong, you may stand in one spot on the property and cast the mixture in each of the four directions, visualizing all negative energies moving into the four corners where they will be broken and absorbed back into the universe. Then throw three handfuls of rice into the air, asking for blessings.

3. If it is impossible to walk the exterior perimeter, you can do an interior adjustment.

4. For a more advance ritual recite 10 basic mantras.

5. Cinnabar powder is a reddish colored powder. It consists of mercury sulfide and is a toxic substance; please handle with caution and wash hands carefully after use.

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